past moments of grace


we love seeing how other people in our lives have stumbled upon moments of inspiration, delight and grace. we're happy that some great people have decided to share their lives with us here on grace.

august 2014
april has a day job she doesn't want to describe because it occupies too much time already. her idea of progress is being able to drink wine at 3pm. april is tall mommy to the two black babies: forest and magic (aka the parade). she makes sure they don't kill each other in the dead of night.

july 2014
mary: full-time mom, part-time teacher, and future member of the PTA. she enjoys watching espionage movies.

june 2014
debbie is a writer and civil servant today, tuba engineer and forensic astronomer in the next life. she dreams of becoming a contemporary dancer and cultural anthropologist.  for now she’s working on becoming less socially awkward. she tweets here and blogs here.

may 2014
elina is an engineering major who, for better or worse, is pursuing the arts. she has an unhealthy appetite for salty snacks and sad music.

december 2012
blonski has a hard time not smiling. he plans to convert himself into a pescatarian, but having some occasional medium rare burgers won't hurt either. always yearning to have more hair strands, blonski massacred stems of aloe vera... only for it to affect his 'already thick' beard.

interior designer by trade, filmmaker by desire. husband to his soulmate, jenny.

Homemaker for Aquila and Tattva.
Loyal friend to Jay.
Painter, writer, photographer, coffee grower, wine taster, occasional organic product tester and ancient astronaut theorist on the side.
Ocean child.

october 2012
nene can be found sitting at her desk in the City, but would much rather be curled up reading somewhere else. she flexes her rusty writing muscles at cinnamon girl.

september 2012
val: ex-professor. occasional writer. full-time father.

august 2012
kat likes taking long coffee breaks and staying up late. Visit her on-again off-again blog at

july 2012
krissy: Artist at heart, banker by profession. Born in the year of the horse, I am free-spirited and love to roam: I have traveled to over 25 countries; I have lived in the Philippines, Switzerland, Singapore, and now, in France. I love to laugh, have good conversation, meet diverse and interesting people, excite my tastebuds (a.k.a eating), dance to club music while cleaning the apartment, and drift to dreamworld during a long ride. I raise people's eyebrows with my unconventional ideas. I scare humans with my directness and strong will. Kindred souls who know me well find me otherwise as sweet, thoughtful, loyal, and yes, funny, even at times quixotic, impractical, and fearless. I love fashion, history, vintage, and of course, my amusing French husband.

If all else fails, take it slow by reading a book, people-watch while sitting on the neighborhood café, or just stay home and have a treat of instant Pancit Canton bought for EUR 2 from the nearest Chinatown in Paris.

For this month, let me take you to my world, where you can find grace everywhere...but only if you open your eyes, heart, and mind to it.

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may 2012
migs is a brand-new grandmother and an old soul. She writes stories and she paints stories. In her art she tries to achieve wabi-sabi: the beauty of imperfection. Drop by her blog, migginot's line.

april 2012

xiomara loves eating, writing, talking to God, flying, traveling, listening to live music, and hiding. visit her blog gloriousbites.

march 2012
karlo: I live in a small house with my partner and our two dogs, in the middle of the capital of the high-tech universe. I need to figure out how to furnish and decorate our living room and dining room, but I am paralyzed by the fear of doing everything wrong.  I daydream a lot about travel, good food, becoming truly well-read, and learning new languages. Once in a rare while I actually get off the couch long enough to turn bits of my dreams into reality.  But I'm actually quite content being a homebody.  For someone who never did chores as a kid, it's actually quite strange how much cleaning our kitchen stove clears my mind, if only for a short while. I hope you can drop by my blog friedneurons.

february 2012
nyan: professional agitator, snark enthusiast, loved well.

january 2012
bernz is busy deciding her next surf/climb destination. she loves the outdoors, especially the sea, forests, and mountains. she recently has become addicted to analogue photography, and is proud to be called a lomo-head. you can find more of her at We Are Seaworthy and at I See.

december 2011
ricci cooks with her mother on weekends and listens to her talk about food and other important things.

november 2011
lille is the mom of the cutest 10 month old boy in the world. She writes about music for a living, but would rather be making it.

october 2011
cherie finds herself  constantly making food, talking about food and around people who know food. her daily adventures go beyond her own kitchen in singapore, spanning from the nondescript holes-in-the-wall to sumptuous dining adventures. she believes in the art of slow food and scours places in hopes of bringing home unique spices, salts and oils. she is also the occasional artist and food writer who learned how to cook early in life by inheriting culinary family traditions from her motherland: the philippines. for over a decade, this blogger's career as an ESL instructor provided a multicultural atmosphere working with diplomats, celebrities, nuns, priests, politicians as well as high school and college students from all over the world. when she grows up, she hopes to cook for a living to celebrate her family's culinary legacy.
visit cherie's blog: i super love life

september 2011
tuesdaysocial media advocate, coffee-drinker, comic book reader, ex-vegetarian, cannot read maps, mother-to-be.

august 2011
nancy enjoys visiting historical sites and taking architectural tours. someday she would like to learn the intricacies of building a house. she reads way too many "this page intentionally left blank" for one person to handle on a daily basis

july 2011
marby took a break from teaching creative writing and is now back to being a student. her current obsessions are: food, salsa dancing, yoga, and stopping herself from always blurting out what she's thinking.

june 2011
lives in a house full of books with her husband, kris. in the house are two cats--one blind from birth, the other raging against the dying of the light.